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• Press Release   Date : 2017/06/06

 PowerGrid 9083 - Comtrend’s Latest G.hn Product to Achieve HomeGrid Forum Certification

  • PG-9083 has successfully passed the HomeGrid Product testing at the accredited Allion Labs test house
  • Comtrend continues to build on previous successes

As a long-term HomeGrid Forum member Comtrend Corporation is excited to receive certification for one of its latest G.hn product offerings. The HomeGrid Forum awarded PG-9083 the certification having satisfied the stringent system Compliance & Interoperability testing.

The PowerGrid 9083, ITU-T G.hn networking standard compliant Ethernet adapter, provides the best quality data transmission for the truly high-speed ‘connected home’ experience. It allows users to extend a local area network via existing power lines, eliminating the need for extra wiring. Installation at home (or in a small office) is quick and easy as the PowerGrid 9083 comes with plug-and-play technology. The PowerGrid 9083 supports the new generation of so-called G.hn wave2 tech, 100MHz MIMO operation with an AC filter female power socket and can be used with two fully programmable reception and transmission paths to attain up to 1Gps PHY & real data rates over power line. The PowerGrid 9083 comes pre-configured with easy installation / configuration, and it features secure end-to-end encryption algorithms for safeguarding the network integrity with advanced energy-saving features based on Ethernet link activity

"Comtrend’s dream of Total Home Connection for its customers has become a reality," said Frank Chuang, Vice President of Marketing for Comtrend. “We are very pleased to be at the forefront of a technology that enhances the home networking experience. With HomeGrid Forum certification, we will continue in our efforts to increase the performance of next-generation home entertainment.”

G.hn provides home networking with excellent quality of service over any type of wire, creating a high-performance backbone throughout the home that enables seamless, high definition IPTV and multi-media distribution, without the cost and disruption of having to install new wiring.

About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that brings together the world’s best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers and service providers to promote G.hn, a globally recognized gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards. Over 70 members promote the global adoption of G.hn, a single unified, multi-sourced networking technology – over coax, copper pairs, powerline, and plastic optical fiber – while continuing to support HomePNA deployments and their transition to G.hn. HomeGrid Forum provides G.hn silicon and system certification through a strict compliance and interoperability testing program. For more information on HomeGrid Forum, please visit our website at www.homegridforum.org or follow us on Twitter @homegrid_forum.

For more information on the HomeGrid Forum please contact Sian Borrill on +44 (0) 1636 704888 or by email at pr@homegrid.org

About Comtrend

Founded in 1990, Comtrend is a leading designer and manufacturer of broadband communication equipment. In 2002, Comtrend distinguished itself in North America by joining the IPTV revolution for telephone service providers. At that time, video over DSL was fraught with quality issues based on the emerging standards, outside plant quality, and interoperability issues. Since that time, Comtrend and the many flavors of DSL have become stable partners to hundreds of service providers worldwide. As new technologies evolved, Comtrend’s broadband gateways have faithfully kept the lead. Today, whether a customer is connected via fiber, cable, satellite, or DSL, a Comtrend gateway will facilitate the fastest connections while integrating TR-069 manageability. This software technology serves as the backbone to all tiers of service providers, allowing management of tens of thousands of customer premises equipment.

From 2010 to the present day, Comtrend has continually grown its product lineup, bringing broadband beyond the gateway. Residential and business users seeking easier ways to extend their networks, whether wirelessly or through a hard-wire connection, now have Comtrend traversing power and phone lines, cable, and wireless. It is apparent today that homes and offices of all sizes cross over to deploy similar technologies.

For more information please visit www.comtrend.com.