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• Introduction

Business Scope

With more than 10 million products installed, COMTREND CORPORATION is a leading global supplier of advanced networking solutions. Comtrend is a ISO-9001/14001 certified company that designs, manufactures, and markets a wide range of networking equipment integrating ADSL, ADSL2+, Bonded ADSL2+, VDSL2, VOIP, IP STB Multimedia, Residential Wi-Fi, Auto Configuration Systems, Digital Signage Applications and High-Speed PLC technology. Comtrend is committed to a vision of bringing people together through technology and continues to realize this vision through a focus on innovation and superior service.

Core Competencies

COMTREND is built around a team of professional engineers dedicated to developing quality products as well as providing innovative solutions. Nearly half of COMTREND's employees are design and development engineers, which allows the company to continually add new product features and incorporate new communication standards in its products.

Global Distribution

In addition to OEM manufacture, COMTREND markets its own brand through its offices in North America, South America, Europe, China and Taiwan.


COMTREND was established in 1990. COMTREND's founders have considerable experience in the telecom/datacom field including working experience with Bell Labs and a Lucent joint venture. COMTREND's success in attracting customers and maintaining customer loyalty has resulted in COMTREND's explosive growth in revenue. The company's greatest triumph has been its ability to attract, retain, and develop talented professionals from all around the world. COMTREND's human resources have doubled over the last few years, enabling the company to manage the growing demand for its products, and position itself to take advantage of future opportunities.

• Engineering and Development

To maintain its competitive advantage, COMTREND recognizes the need to continue developing an outstanding professional engineering and development team. Most engineers have a master's or doctorate degree. COMTREND's ability to recruit and develop a talented team enables COMTREND to provide its customers with advanced telecom/datacom products including: high performance integrated network equipment for carriers, and telecommunication solutions for enterprises.

COMTREND maintains its technological strength by committing itself to:

· A5-month limit for the development cycle of CPE products
· Procuring or licensing technologies whenever possible
· Deploying almost half of manpower into product development

Manpower (by Division)

Educational Attainment Breakdown (Development Division)

• Manufacturing

In order to provide high quality, cost-competitive products to customers, COMTREND executes strategies in manufacturing that are based not only on producing quality products, but are also flexible enough to adjust to different modes of production.
Through its long-term relationships with sub-contractors and material suppliers, COMTREND has created an adaptable production environment, such that we are able to accept customer orders of any size and specification.

In-house manufacturing for low volume orders

· PCB Assembly outsourced
· Oracle ERP system
· Total traceability
· 100% testing on the production line, as opposed to sampling

Contract manufacturing for high volume orders

· Responsible for sourcing components
· QA on site with contractors
· Flexibility in production capacity
· 100% testing to ensure total quality

In both cases additional QA tests, using various methods are conducted before shipping.

• Achievement

· Early to market with TR-069 compliant Auto Configuration Server Management System.
· First to market with VDSL2/ADSL2+ Multimode Residential Gateway.
· First to Market with Embedded IP Set Top Box.
· Early to Market with Powerline Home Networking.
· Wins "Taiwan Symbol of Excellence Award" in consecutive years, including: CT-536+ Wireless ADSL2+ Router, CT-633 ADSL
  Wireless IAD, CT-600 VoIP IAD and CT-535 Wireless ADSL Router.
· The MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) for delivered Central Office circuit packs averages thousands of years, and for CPE
  averages hundreds of years.