Powerline Ethernet Adapter

  • Overview


    1Gbps | Filtered Outlet


    The PowerGrid 9073, ITU-T networking standard compliant Ethernet adapter, provides the best quality data transmission for truly high-speed ‘connected home’ experience. It allows users to extend a local area network via existing power lines, eliminating the need for extra wiring. Installation at home (or in a small office) is quick and easy as the PowerGrid 9073 comes with plug-and-play technology. The PowerGrid 9073 supports MIMO operation with an AC filter female power socket and can be used with two fully programmable reception and transmission paths to attain up to 1Gbps PHY rates/throughputs co-existence with UPA technology networks. The PowerGrid 9073 comes pre-configured easy installation / configuration and it features most secure end-to-end encryption algorithms for safeguarding the network integrity with advanced energy-saving features based on Ethernet link activity, automatic standby mode.

    PG-9073 PG-9073 PG-9073



    • MIMO Performance
      Support ITU-T baseband plans 25, 50 and 100 MHz and MIMO techniques for powerline (based on G.9963) boosting PLC throughput up to 800 Mbps PHY rate over powerline (1 Gbps PHY rate over coax) having Robust Communication Mode (RCM) to prevent noise interference from other home appliances.
    • High Speed Data Transmission
      High speed (max. 1 Gbps) dramatically increases the performance of next-generation home entertainment applications such as multiple high definition (HD) TV over IP (IPTV), 3DTV and VoIP, digital video recorder (DVR) networking and media center PC
    • No Extra Wires Needed
      Local area network can be extended without the hassle of having to install extra wiring because the power line network is already a commonplace fixture in most households.
    • Simple Pairing, Plug & Play
      Quick and easy connections with embedded plug-and-play, no extra configuration required! PowerGrid 9070 can be paired easily by simply connecting Ethernet cables to routers and devices
    • Extends Connecting Range & Eliminates
      Dead Spots Unlike wireless, Power line technology is capable of actually covering more than 95% of a typical household area
    • More Outlets than Other Wired Solutions
      On average, there are 45 power outlets and only 3-5 cable or phone outlets in a household, therefore making power lines a more convenient solution for extending networks.
    • Security
      With advanced data encryption capability, the power line networks are safer and more secure.




    • RJ-45 X 1 for Ethernet connection
    • AC power plug X 1
    • AC power socket X 1


    • Standard IEEE 802.3
    • 10/100/1000 Mbps BaseT auto-sense
    • Auto rate and duplex negotiation
    • MDI/MDX support


    • OFDM, FEC; Flexible frequency configuration

    Data Rate

    • Up to 1 Gbps


    • HTTP Web-based; Firmware upgrade via TFTP
    • TR-069 Supported (Optional)


    • AES 128 bits encryption ensures total data security

    Networking Protocols

    • 802.1D Ethernet Bridge
    • 802.1Q VLAN
    • Quality of Service (QoS)
    • IGMP(IPv4) Snooping & MLD(IPv6) Snooping


    • 110-240 VAC 50Hz/60Hz
    • Auto power saving mode max 0.5W (in standby mode)

    Environment Condition

    • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 40 degrees Celsius
    • Relative humidity: 8 ~ 95% (non-condensing)


    • EU/French version: 123mm(H)x 55 mm (W) x 38mm(60 mm with plug)(D)


    • FCC, CE class B, WEEE, RoHS, ITU-T Standard

    Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.



    CE DoC

    CE DoC

    CE Declaration Applicable Product Type (Country)
    PG-9073LG-TN_ZG DOC_V1.0.pdf PG-9073LG-TN (Belgium)
    PG-9073LG- ZG (Netherlands)
    PG-9073LG-UX DOC_V1.0.pdf PG-9073LG-UE (Czech Republic, Poland, Slovak Republic)
    PG-9073LG-UF (Austria, Hungary, Romania)
    PG-9073LG-UJ (Switzerland)
    PG-9073LG-UM (Germany)
    PG-9073LG-VM DOC_V1.0.pdf PG-9073LG-VM (United Kingdom, Ireland)