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• Press Release   Date : 2012/04/30

 Comtrend North America sails past its 10th year with record high revenue and profit

IRVINE, CA. April 30, 2012 - Comtrend Corporation, a global supplier of advanced networking solutions, is pleased to announce that its North America office in Irvine, California, is celebrating its 10th year of providing innovative and dependable networking solutions.

Comtrend has been able to stand the test of time by evolving its technology to service the needs of its customers. In 2002, Comtrend opened its first office in Irvine, California, whereby it inventoried, distributed and supported the global brand of CPE using Asymmetrical Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) technology. Leading the communication trend, Comtrend later deployed two new technologies, VDSL2 and VDSL2 Bonded, which allowed even greater bandwidth at short distances. Comtrend's customers were suddenly able to offer multiple bandwidth-consuming services concurrently, like HD IPTV, VoIP, Video on Demand, and competitive upstream/downstream service plans.

"This is a very exciting time for Comtrend," said John Castreje, General Manager of Comtrend- Americas. "We have continued to faithfully serve our customers with industry-leading products, service, and value. In the last few years, we have relocated our headquarters to accommodate greater inventory levels- supporting six national distributors, additional engineering and sales staff, and have created a contemporary engineering and video lab to offer world-class support to our customers. We are on track to break all revenue and commensurate profit records in our region's ten-year history."