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• Press Release   Date : 2011/06/07

 Comtrend and Opera join hands for broadband TV service

Comtrend has announced its decision to incorporate Opera's browser technology into the Comtrend STB-7007 set-top box.

Different versions of the Opera browser can already be found on platforms ranging from desktop computers, mobile phones and gaming consoles. Comtrend is the first to bridge the gap between browser technology and customer premise equipment, namely the Comtrend STB-7007 set-top box, to bring a wide range of online services to digital TV screens for the public.

The aforementioned services include:

--- Accessing widgets such as Wikipedia while viewing a film, for information such as an actor's biography and other interesting tidbits

--- Purchasing music from a music store app while the said music video is being showcased on MTV

--- Shopping online at home via a home shopping service while the products are being advertised

--- Social networking such as Twitter for tweeting updates during sporting events without having to switch to a different device or platform

Lars Boilesen, chief executive of Opera Software, said: "We are continually combating and conquering the many challenges of connected technologies, providing solutions for home TVs and other devices in a digital home environment. Armed with our standards-based approach, we are ready to rock and roll on all connected devices inside the consumer's home."

Vice president of Comtrend Robert Yao added: "Thanks to Opera, Comtrend set-top boxes are now ready to be used by telecoms firms, cable TV operators and Internet service providers. Connected TVs are just taking off in the market; consumers see that being connected complements their TV viewing experience."

Informa Telecoms & Media predicts that as many as 66 million homes will sign up for paid IPTV services by the end of 2015, generating as much as US$11 billion (?.7 billion) in revenues.