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With the explosive growth of global communications has come a demand for networking equipment of all kinds. To supply this demand, manufacturers have quickly brought to market many new products. Unfortunately, interoperability between competing products was not given the highest priority. For service providers this has led to the present situation where they must provide support for customer premises equipment (CPE) that do not speak a “common language”.

As an accepted industry standard, TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) is the best solution. The TR-069 protocol defines a comprehensive management system that includes CPE software management, status and performance reporting, diagnostics and secure auto-configuration. It features dynamic service provisioning and increasingly supports devices such as set-top boxes (STB) and home gateways. In essence, it defines a communication method between customer equipment and a central support server. Using TR-069, this server can communicate with any compliant device on the network, irrespective of make or model. This interoperability allows service providers to better manage their networks remotely with the associated cost savings that implies.

Comtrend Remote Management Systems allow for easy and efficient network administration with secure web-based remote access. The CT-ACS is a TR-069 Auto-Configuration Server that is fully compliant and ready for advanced management of modern broadband networks. It balances advanced functionality, and overall network compatibility, while remaining easy to use. Our other remote management product, the CT-APS Auto-configuration Provisioning System, is customized for support of Comtrend products. It provides excellent functionality with secure and simultaneous CPE management all at a reasonable price.