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• Distribution Point Unit

We have witnessed a rapid growth of bandwidth requirement by end users as a result of the increased use of the Internet for education, communications (e-mail, video call, network telephony, etc.), entertainment and so on.

Worldwide governments are aware of this necessity and have the set the goal to provide guaranteed bandwidth by improving the infrastructure to satisfy the increased demand.

In providing adequate bandwidth, the fiber network is a key technology.

  • FTTH (Fiber To The Home) directly carries the highest bandwidth to the end user but the fixed asset and installation cost is very high.
  • FTTB/FTTC (Fiber To The Building/Fiber To The Curb) saves some capital investment but the bandwidth drops as you extend the distance.
  • FTTdp (Fiber To The distribution point) has solved the telco's dilemma of FTTH and FTTB/FTTC. FTTdp can be installed at a location very close to the end user to secure the best (no downgrade) bandwidth without having to consider the local electric and working environment. Also, telco's do not need to do the installation at the customer premises which will save the last mile installation cost and reduce the setup time.