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  PG-9072 Powerline Ethernet + WiFi 11ac Adapter

The PowerGrid 9072 is designed to meet the growing demand for perfect connectivity and coverage across multiple devices connected concurrently throughout the home. The G.hn Powerline Wi-Fi Extender wall plugs allow users to take Wi-Fi with them anywhere throughout the home or backyard and enjoy a seamless wireless experience.

The PowerGrid 9072 supports Multiple Input/Multiple Output (MIMO) operation based on G.9963 over power line. It can be used with two fully programmable reception and transmission paths to attain up to 800Mbps PHY rates. Also, combining Celeno’s CL1860 and CL2200 chips utilizes the concurrent dual band Wi-Fi module, driving the G.hn Powerline Wi-Fi Extenders, enabling them to leverage both the 2.4GHz and 5 GHz bands to deliver a seamless wireless experience anywhere in the home. Celeno’s smart Wi-Fi technology OptimizAIR 2.0 will also enable the virtualization of Wi-Fi resources, so that Wi-Fi capacity can be dynamically apportioned and provisioned to different devices, services and applications.

  • G.hn MIMO Performance
  • Seamless Load balance
  • Simple PLC Pairing, Plug & Play
  • Concurrent Dual Band 11ac
  • Smart Wi-Fi Technology OptimizAIR 2.0
  • A WPS button Enables Rapid Self-install


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