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• Archives   Date : 2008/10/30

 Comtrend makes Brazilian subsidiary official

Comtrend do Brasil Telecomunica??es has just been established. Comtrend, whose main offices are located in Taiwan, is already a strong player in Europe, North America and Asia. With this new green-yellow (Brazilian) branch it is hoping to consolidate its position in South America. Over the last three years, the company's equipment, which is used for accessing broadband technology, has been introduced in South America, especially in Brazil where the advancement of the company's joint operations with LatinTec, a Brazilian technology company active in 21 states, made the creation of a Brazilian operating base viable.

In 2007, South American transactions resulted in a turnover of US$ 1.6 million ?approximately 3% of the company's total turnover. This year Comtrend South America is foreseeing greater than 200% sales growth in the region and expects US$ 30 million in sales by 2012. Betting on broadband growth in South America and especially in Brazil, Comtrend decided to increase its investments in the country and directly support the contracts signed with LatinTec to supply more than 100,000 modems to Telefonica.

"This operation and its deployment in our market required a complete reorganization of LatinTec," said Glauco Nunes, who is leaving the company?s board of directors to take on the position of Comtrend?s main executive in Brazil, combining that position with that of their commercial director for South America.

Administrator Ronei Ferrigolo was hired to be LatinTec's CEO, with his more than 20 years of experience in the ITC market with emphasis on technological innovation. Ferrigolo has already presided over Rio Grande do Sul?s Certifying Authority and Procergs (Rio Grande do Sul State Data Processing Company). "Ferrigolo is recognized for his leadership abilities, international experience and broad market vision, and will be able to help during LatinTec?s expansion and internationalization process we are expecting in the years to come," said Nunes.

Comtrend?s executive in Brazil believes that their presence in the country "which will require investments to the order of US$ 1 million " will make it possible to understand the nuances of the South American market better and expand their operations in the region, fomenting large volume business deals, which is already taking place in the other markets it is active in. In Latin America, their main clients are: Telefonica (Colombia, Brazil), Telebucaramanga (Colombia), Telesur (Suriname), Sercomtel (Brazil) and Ericsson (Argentina, Colombia and Brazil).


Glauco Nunes, executive director of Comtrend do Brasil (www.comtrend.com)

Ronei Ferrigolo, LatinTec CEO (www.latintec.com.br)