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• Archives   Date : 2008/10/01

 Comtrend Corporation provides Telef?nica with its new generation of 200-Mbps PLC solutions

The PowerGrid 902, the 200-Mbps PLC Ethernet solution offered by Comtrend, allows Telef?nica to distribute to its customers triple play services, which combine telephony, television and Internet access. Comtrend Corporation is therefore consolidating its position as a Telef?nica supplier, based on around 3 million broadband access kits supplied to the operator since 2002.

Comtrend Corporation, a network solutions manufacturer and broadband, VoIP and data networks technologies specialist, has announced that Spanish telecom operator Telef?nica, market leader in broadband and IPTV solutions, has opted for PowerGrid 902 200-Mbps PLC Ethernet solutions to be included as part of its future offerings to home customers. This agreement makes Comtrend Corporation one of the operator?s key suppliers for PLC technologies.

Developed in partnership with DS2, a PLC solutions specialist, Comtrend?s PowerGrid 902 establishes broadband home networks for sharing data, sound and high-definition TV content. In compliance with the 200-Mbps PLC standard, supported by the UPA (Universal Powerline Association), to which Comtrend and DS2 belong, the DS2 PLC technology integrated into the PowerGrid 902 helps to provide a solution that uses the home?s electrical cabling to deliver digital signals with the speed and quality of service required for distributing advanced video throughout the home.

Comtrend Corporation has stood out in the global network solution manufacturers?market by providing its partners with an innovative offering that meets requirements in terms of both reliability and cost. Comtrend has supplied Telef?nica with around 3 million access kits since 2002, featuring state-of-the-art network technology, in order to enable it to offer its customers a competitive, cutting-edge Internet service offering.

"We are pleased to see that Telef?nica, one of the benchmark operators in the world and market leader in broadband and IPTV solutions, has chosen our 200-Mbps PLC Ethernet solution to allow its customers to enjoy to the full the benefits associated with new-generation PLC technologies," states Harold Fitch, General Manager for Comtrend Europe and South America.

"Being a supplier of PLC products for this leading operator?s home users is a reward for our constant efforts through always being able to offer high-quality solutions without forgetting about being competitive," adds Harold Fitch.

"The inclusion of Comtrend Corporation?s PLC product in the Telef?nica catalogue consolidates our position as leader in the PLC technologies market. Suppliers with products based on DS2 technology pass the rigorous trials and tests carried out on site by telecom operators, thanks to the quality and performance of our PLC technologies," says Jorge Blasco, DS2 President and CEO.

"DS2?s 200 Mbps chipsets are the only technology available on the market that supports expandable commercial services for IPTV produced for HDTV services and the numerous channels with standard TV programmes (SDTV)," adds Jorge Blasco.