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• Archives   Date : 2009/06/23

 Comtrend Selects Celeno's HD Wi-Fi Chip for Wireless Video Adaptors

Comtrend has selected Celeno's HD Wi-Fi chipset for its new Wireless Video Adaptors. Available now for service providers' worldwide, Comtrend's Wireless Video Adaptors are used to distribute multiple streams of HD IPTV content from an Ethernet-equipped home gateway or DVR to IP set top boxes.

The solution ensures flicker-free IPTV home networking, providing whole home coverage without any new wires. Comtrend's solution delivers a superb HD viewing experience with a unique and cost-effective multi-client scalability by leveraging Celeno's implicit transmit beam forming technology.

In a typical deployment, the Wi-Fi based HD IPTV Ethernet adaptors are placed next to the broadband gateway and the various set top boxes. With one push of a button (WPS), the network is automatically self-installed and associated in a matter of seconds. Service providers benefit by eliminating costly truck rolls and technician hours since subscribers can perform installation themselves. The IPTV home network allows subscribers to enjoy simple connectivity of multiple HD video sources (such as IPTV, Video-on-Demand, stored content on DVR) with the various TV screens in the home.

"We are very pleased to collaborate with Celeno in this fast growing market space. The new product will allow Comtrend to strengthen its extensive home networking product line and enhance our offering to our customers", commented Harold Fitch, Comtrend General Manager Europe & South America, "We are impressed by Celeno's silicon performance. Their solution is highly optimized for HD IPTV distribution and achieves extreme coverage with wire-like video quality."

Powered by the Celeno CL1300 silicon and OptimizAIR?technology, this robust solution leverages the wide 5GHz spectrum, employing special interference immunity technologies and selecting available channels on the fly (DFS). With special TDM-scheduled MAC, up to four TV screens can receive different and concurrent HD streams with guaranteed quality of service, consistently and independently of the infrastructure type or quality of the existing wires in the home.

The Celeno-enabled devices are environmentally friendly, and comply with the European CoC on energy consumption for broadband equipment. Using Celeno's unique Beam Forming MIMO technology, the radiated energy is kept to a bare minimum across the home as well as in neighboring apartments. In fact, radiation is only a small percentage of that induced by other WiFi solutions.

"Comtrend is an innovative company that delivers very exciting products to leading broadband and IPTV service providers worldwide. We are very proud to support Comtrend and are pleased with their adoption of Celeno's CL1300 technology", said Gilad Rozen, Celeno CEO. "Comtrend's customers will benefit from a high performance, cost-effective Wireless HD IPTV solution."