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  2.  CT-5071 T/E   ADSL2+ Router
  3.  CT-5361T   Wireless ADSL2+ Router
  4.  CT-5363    ADSL2+ Wireless Router
  5.  CT-5367   Wireless ADSL2+ Router
  6.  CT-5372 /E   Multi-DSL Router
  7.  CT-5611 T   ADSL2+ Combo Router
  8.  CT-5621T   ADSL2+ Multi-port Router
  9.  CT-5624   ADSL2+ Ethernet Router
 10.  CT-6382 D/T   ADSL2+ WLAN VoIP IAD
 11.  NexusLink 5631/ 5631E   ADSL2+ Bonded Modem

What if my product is not listed above?

If you do not see the product download you are seeking in this list, and you are a direct customer, please contact our regional sales representative or register online (see Online Registration below) to make a special download request.

If you are an end user, we regret to inform you that we cannot fulfill your special download request due to contract restrictions and security concerns. We suggest you contact your service provider or product supplier for further assistance.

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